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Avondale Estates’ Board of Mayor and Commissioners (BOMC) will have a host of decisions to make over the next four years, many of which will impact our city for generations to come. Read on to see why my experience would provide a valuable voice for the residents to have representing them on the BOMC during this important time.

  • I have worked in every level of government – City, county, regional, state, and federal. I understand how the intersection of government, public input, and development works – and I know who to call.
  • I have a substantial track record – As a Dekalb County planner, I was involved in the planning, passage and implementation of over $150 million in park system improvements; I managed the adoption of 40-plus park master plans, and the redevelopment of 75-plus parks and county-wide strategic plans used to guide park system development.
  • I have a reputation for inclusion – During my Dekalb County tenure, I developed a public participation process that ensured community concerns and issues were heard early enough in the planning process to allow them to be addressed before final decisions were made. This both reduced conflicts and accelerated project implementation.
  • I am well-versed in current issues – I have been an active attendee and participant in Avondale Estates’ city meetings for years and I currently sit on the Avondale Estates’ Planning and Zoning Board.
  • My work is both green and Green – I pride myself on helping develop infrastructure standards, codes and resources that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  • I care about best practices – I hold a Masters Degree in City and Regional Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture, University of Georgia. Both my academic training and professional experience have taught me to continuously research and implement the best and most up-to-date information, methods, processes and thinking.

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